Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Butterfly Jewelry

I've been inspired by the beauty of butterflies that resides on an empty lot near our house. It reminds me of my childhood. Every morning, my Mom, who was pregnant with my sister at that time, would take me for a walk. There was a small house, just 2 blocks from my childhood house, and it has the prettiest front yard I've ever seen. Daisies, roses are everywhere ... and so does the butterflies. I recalled that I would ask my Mom to stop for awhile, to watch how the butterflies fluttered their wings as the dance around those beautiful, colorful flowers.

When we had to move to Grandma's, that little cozy house was the first thing that I missed the most ... and I'm still dreaming about it sometimes ...

So, here are my creations .. Hope you'll like it!! :)

Butterfly Earring with Rose Swarovski

Lovely Olive Swarovski Necklace with Butterfly Clasp